🌟 A different turn to the case of railway diesel theft of crores of rupees in place of lakhs of crores? In the investigation bouquet?

🌟Question mark on diesel theft investigation case: Accused of acquitting the accused in the case for the purpose of self-defence🌟

🌟If journalists are given information regarding the crime, will the police be hindered in the investigation or the accused in defending themselves?🌟

Nanded/Parbhani: In Parbhani district, the railway diesel theft of crores of rupees has taken a different turn. Instead of crores of rupees, it has been observed that the doors of the houses of the scammers are literally covered with gold. It is now seen that a serious question mark has arisen on the investigation of the diesel theft or scam case.  Steps are being taken so that the journalists should not even have a clue of the investigation of this serious case. If the journalists are given information about the crime, will the police investigation agencies be hindered in the investigation or the accused in defending themselves?  With these questions, some public interest journalists are now seen acting in a questioning mode while some are also seen acting in a complacent mode as 'Bhagate Bhut ki Langoti Sahin' in the context of information collection.

A highly commendable and remarkable achievement of uncovering the case of railway diesel theft in Purna was done by the local crime branch team of Parbhani district police force.  On 29 January 2024, it was brought to the notice of the railway administration that there was a diesel theft, i.e. a diesel scam, but the railway administration kept the investigation of the diesel theft case in this railway diesel depot limited only to the case of six thousand liters of diesel theft on 29 January 2024.  Even when the period of one and a half months is passing, it is being said that the investigation is going on to save the accused in this case in a well-planned manner.

Inspector General of Police Aroma Singh Thakur of Railway Security Force visited the diesel depot near Purna Junction Station on February 18, 2024 at around 11-30 AM to review the investigation into this railway diesel theft i.e. diesel scam case in Purna.  He also insisted that no one will be harmed in the railway diesel depot case near the railway junction station, but even after this, there is no sign of speeding up the investigation in this case.  It was seen that an application was also made in the District Sessions Court for pre-arrest bail and the investigation was conveniently avoided.

Meanwhile, how many accused were detained by Railway Security Force in the investigation of Purna diesel theft (inquiry documents) which was actually a scam?  How many items were seized from them?  How many diesel tankers were seized in the diesel theft case?  How many railway employees are involved in diesel theft case?  How many diesel tankers used by diesel tanker owner for diesel theft so far?  The media still has not got the answers to these questions, till the investigation of this diesel theft or scam case is done by CBI/Enforcement Directorate (ED) and until the accused in this incident is taken into custody and re-examined by the relevant investigation agencies, the truth in this case will not come out, there is a discussion among the railway employees in hushed voices.  Looking forward to seeing it happen....

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